Automatic Offline Mode

The first time you open the app, your data are loaded on your device.
That can take several minutes, but you can use the app while data are loaded.

Whenever the app syncs data with your CRM, the icon will be displayed

Once your data are loaded :

- Offline mode is started if you lose Internet connexion.

The home page shows an orange icon

- If internet access is available again :

The home page shows a green icon

Any data you entered or modified while in Offline mode are automatically sent to your server.

If you have a bad Internet connection, or if you know you will have a bad Internet connection, you can force entering to Offline mode.

Click on the green icon.

The home page shows a red icon

You can come back to Online mode at any time by clicking on the red icon.

Depending on your CRM settings, you might be able to remain offline in next sessions.

In that case, when clicking on the green Icon, a popup will open :

  • No : you will switch to Offline mode

  • Yes : you will switch to Offline mode and you will always open the app in offline mode until you manually switch to online mode.
    A crossed red icon is displayed
    Note : Credentials are regularely verified and Data are saved in the CRM, even when you are in Offline mode, if you have an Internet connection.

  • Cancel : Action is cancelled and you remain Online.

A Sync Status Page is available under Options :

This page displays, for each module, the number of records as well as the number of records that were created, updated or deleted in Offline mode that have not yet currently been saved to you CRM.

If you have an Internet connexion and you have forced the Offline mode, a Sync button will allow you to send modified data to your CRM and retrieve new data from the CRM.